Sunday, December 4, 2011

Closing the Lid on Fortresscraft

Oh, I just realized today that I had never gotten around to assessing the final product that is Fortresscraft, after the earlier controversial post.

Yeah, it's shit.

Sorry dude, but it's pretty plainly so.

Ignoring the incohesive art style, presentation, etc. the game does 2 things wrong that it very seriously needed to do right:

1) It lacks any actual compelling game-play beyond simply building.
As opposed to its "inspiration" which has a wealth of interesting mechanics to experiment with, you just build things with your infinite resources. It's nothing more than an "creative mode."

2) It lacks any features which set it apart from its "inspiration"

So, with these 2 things in mind, I can make a conclusion. There's not a single reason anyone would download this game other than wanting to play minecraft on their Xbox, being unable to, and settling this a close imitation, or any of the other indistinguishable imitators that have popped up.

It's a China-town hand bag. If anything, it's popularity speaks poorly for the Indie market on XBLA.

If it looks like an artless cash-grab, walks like an artless cash-grab...

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